Friday, January 31, 2014

YW Manicure Night

Manicure night at mutual, the activity for girls ages 12-18 (in our case 14-15) and their leaders.  Lately you have loved making the rainbow loom anything.  You were so excited to be able to give one to your teacher, S.  These photos show only you, but the young women were also there. I haven't posted them because I have not gotten permission from their parents yet to do so.  

Manicure night was a huge success.  Sister G had us to her home and she had you do an orange sugar rub--to get off all the old skin by rubbing on a halved orange and then scrubbing your hand with a mixture of sugar and oil.  Then you went and watched a youtube video of how to do a hand massage.  Then you got to carefully, and with Sister G close by, dip your hand into warm (not hot) wax and cover them with the special plastic to conserve moisture. 

You loved it. You felt like one of the YW and they were so sweet and kind to you.

T and S were there too, playing with the toys from the Glaziers.  They had cats that you loved watching, T and a marble run which you thought was great!

I am so thankful for the YW and as always, for you!

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