Friday, January 24, 2014

Tualatin Wildlife Refuge

The other day, K you woke up earlier than usual--in time to see S, R, and T off to school. So we hopped in the car and zoomed to the Tualatin Wildlife Refuge. We arrived and it was so quiet. I was absolutely amazed at how incredibly blessed I am.  I was feeling a little down and then I was able to go for a walk and enjoy the amazing beauties that are near me. It was so quiet and almost all I could hear was the geese honking overhead.

See if you can see the animals in the photos.

I obviously wasn't going for a glamour shot above.  But I did push the stroller up that hill, twice--baby steps to hiking. The day pictured above and the next day with a couple of dear friends (the sun peeking through the trees was shot on the second day).

I realized as I walked and breathed in the quiet that  the Lord really knows what we need.  We have been given so many opportunities for growth and it is up to us to make the best of them.  I just felt overwhelmed with gratitude for the marvelous blessings.  The song "How Great Thou Art" popped into you moved forward in the stroller.  You were so dear and slept during both walks.

As some of my greatest blessings, dear ones, I want you to know--I love you!

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