Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tigard's Best Kept Secret . . . Unplugged

A wife and a husband had a dream and created this wonderland for their kids and other children to enjoy, Jenni and Tommy's Kids Unplugged. It is similar to a touch and feel children's museum. They have a preschool. You all said you wish you could have gone there.  There were several rooms with toys, things to ride, slides to slide down and a little ball pit.
It was $5 a kid or $40 for 10 (kids--or future visits).  Guess which we got.

They even have a special art room and woodworking room (for a few dollars more), which I want to try next time. Tommy, the man in the name of the place--is a woodworker and did a lot of the decorations on the walls--it looks amazing.  There is also a community exchange where you can bring the clothes you or kids have outgrown or will not use and switch it out, if you wish, for other things that you can use.
 They had a wall with maps so you could could write down the places you have lived or have been. S, you made sure to write down your name on NY.

 They have a room for dress-ups (which for many children is their favorite room).

You and your friends loved, loved, loved the bean pit--better than a sand box or any kind of rocks or beads. Such a great idea!  You laughed so much searching for treasure, attempting to hide under the beans, and feeling them between your fingers.  You had friends with you for a play date, S and they loved it too! P, their mom was so fun to talk to.  My day had been less than stellar and talking with her and seeing your smiles really made me begin to feel better!  Thanks P!
We will be going back. 

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