Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty came out and our family and my parents came and watched it on Christmas Day.

I think I may be in it.

I mean, I saw someone with long hair (just about my length) walk behind Mr. Stiller and Mr. Scott outside the Time Life building in a grey suit (I think). It is the last time they are together on screen...kind of the climax of the film. 

 My mom is going again sometime soon to check it out and double check. (Thank you, Mom!) If not, it could be another blonde from the NYC regional area--but it is sort of fun to think it could be me.

Whenever I think of that day, I think of a tall crate of empty boxes zooming to the street and me risking life and high heel (two inches) to save it before it became a mess of boxes on 59th street in Manhattan. :) Truthfully, I don't remember walking that closely behind them more than, so it may not be me--or I could have been and they just changed the lens to pick up the random woman thirty feet behind them, like it was five feet.

Never mind about that. It was so fun to pretend to be going to my premier. We were all in the minivan together chatting and I told you all to look for me. I whispered to the lady at the checkout place that I was in the film. I don't think she heard me--but in my mind she heard me loud and clear and was all like, "Wow! That's awesome--I'm going to look for you!"  In real life I was smiling really big.  I went to the wrong seat (they are assigned at that place) and then to the right seat and I loudly said, "Look for me when they're outside the building!"  

I watched carefully as each scene progressed.  When the movie passed to the different areas of the globe I started to get a little worried.  But then I saw my fuzzy form (I was blurred) and I looked at my mom and whispered loudly, "That was me, I think!"  Grandma smiled at me and nodded enthusiastically. Daddy said, "What?! Where?!"   It was fun and a little funny.

So yes, my premier was in Idaho on Christmas day. It was fabulous!  I felt smally (opposite to hugely, but individually significant) famous.

Update: my parents went again tonight and took my grandfather. My father said it was definitely me. Hooray! :D

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