Monday, January 27, 2014

Someone is 8 Months old . . . a little while ago.

 I love you, darling girl.

 Little K, you are adored, appreciated and needed.
 You have gotten to be so ticklish, smiley, and you can sit up by yourself.  You love to see your siblings laughing and hopping, it makes you giggle.
 You can crawl across the bed if you feel so inclined,or roll--but you usually choose to crawl--but not without howling at the injustice of not being carried. But the moment you are picked up you smile like it was all part of the ploy.
 See this is how you are adored when your cousin, N tries to hug you.  She's such a sweetie!
People come to me wherever we go, people always say, "That little baby has some siblings that love her!"  They are right!


  1. While I still say she looks an awful lot like T, that toothy grin makes her look just like S!