Wednesday, January 15, 2014

SLC Airport Layover.

 It was so fun to see the VDGs in the airport after my overnight trip to Idaho. It's huge that we made it to SLC--we nearly missed our plane in Idaho because I miss my family so much!
We just laughed and laughed.
Mr. and Mrs. Soffe were having us ROFL (text talk for rolling on the floor laughing).

Aunt T told us about her twins watching out for each other and for their mommy during nap time with the dear words, "You okay, B!" "Yeah!" "You okay, C?"  "Yeah!" "You okay, Mom?"  What sweethearts!
I showed you off with your new trick of being able to sit up on your own, K.  I did not show them your rolling over trick.  You did vocalize during eating and laugh and eat crackers and then you let (hehe) grandpa carry you around the airport.
We got some fabulous Christmas gifts and it was fun! Thank you for coming to the airport Grammers and for the Christmas/birthday gifts.

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