Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lego Store Fun Times

"Mom, don't forget about the Lego build!" "Can we go to the Lego build?" "Do you think we could go to the Lego store for the Lego build? Please! Please!" "Remember we have the Lego build tonight!"

After all those months not being able to make it to the one in Manhattan in time, we can finally make it to the one in Oregon practically the same distance away from our home.

We go and wait in line for a couple of hours and then you. . . you are in Lego pandemonium heaven.

I think it is as exciting for me to watch you as it is for you to do all those things.  Your faces light up as you gingerly pick up each piece.  The fact that you get to take home something free gives you immense joy.

This particular time we met several friends while we were waiting (and we were the first ones there--yay).  R, you and A (age 8) made K laugh and laugh.  One woman said, "Is that her brother? He's so good!"  You held her tightly so she wouldn't fall. You also got her to pull your face down to her face for a kiss on the cheek.  It made me feel so happy. I love that you're good friends!

You love to play with your friends in the line and you like going to get little knick knacks and dream of the huge Lego sets and the hours you could spend putting them together.  

Then I kindly remind you that I am a great mom for taking you to the Lego store.  You smile and tell me, "You're the best mom in the whole world!"

I love you!


  1. I love S's haircut! Very cute!

  2. Children's loves Lego Games. I can see the happiness on the faces.