Monday, January 13, 2014

Lan Su Chinese Garden

A couple of friends and I like to take trips to "explore" Portland and go places we have not been before.  We make sure you are with us, T, and we have a great time!  We found out this place that normally charges $9.50 per person and this week they are offering free entry with a non-perishable item.  

It was so peaceful.  Some of the flowers were starting to peek out from their buds (like the yellow ones below).  I loved seeing the colors and it made me feel happy. You, T were just so happy to be playing with your friend, B.  

We lost that headband. I'm not sure when we lost it, but it is not a big loss because (as you have probably noticed) we have a lot of headbands.  

I have an idea! Come on!
They can't see us!

We've been spotted! Run--er--walk quickly!

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  1. Hahaha!!! Such a great time! Love the last couple of pics of those mischievous boys!!!