Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Happy Birthday S!

S, you are my lovely nine year old.

S, you make me laugh. You were helping me by taking the old pizza boxes that had left-over pizza crusts left in them which toppled out of your hand a moment later.  You giggled softly and said as you picked them up, "Mom, you've betrayed the crust of the pizza!"  It made me laugh!  I love you!

I cannot believe you are nine.  You have a great sense of humor. You love to laugh. You love art. You enjoy trying new things. You love to make movies.  You love to have play dates with your friends. You love to sing and have a lovely voice.

You adore your baby sister and love to carry her around the house and tell all your friends and sometimes people we don't know of her ground-breaking new developments.

The other day you were your class's bulls eye (student of the week or something like that). You took in photos of yourself and all the hands shot up happily asking questions about you and all you've done and about New York.  They asked you about your hobbies and your favorite candy--which is not circus peanuts.

Look at these photos of you, I feel so grateful for you! I love your smiles and cheeriness.  I appreciate your kindness to all you meet. I love your voice, your laugh, your determination, your hopefulness. I love that you are a born bargainer. It tickles me to hear you playing with your brothers, even sometimes when you are supposed to be asleep.
I remember those days! You were one of the most beautiful babies I'd ever seen.
For your birthday this year, I took you out of school early. I decided that it may be a great idea if we decided to do a little bit of work before we had a fun time.  You helped me watch the baby while R and T helped me clean out the van, then we had a glorious time going through the car wash and R and T suggested strongly that we take the van through the car wash on their birthdays too.  Then we got the oil changed and then . . . we went to the birthday girl haven--Chuck E Cheese.

You had so much fun dashing around and playing all the games. You danced with Mr. Cheese and you got extra tickets.  You chose some small and fun prizes and then we tried to find the nearest geocache--which didn't work for us, and then we went home so I could recover from my migraine obtained for free at the Cheese place.

I love you S!

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