Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Christmas Eve in Idaho

Look at beautiful Grandma and handsome Grandpa!  So wonderful!  Thank you for the wonderful time!
A pink tree is a tradition. I grew up with this tree and almost all those ornaments.  My mother makes it feel so special every year and she and my father put that tree up together with the greatest of care.  We may have that tradition in the future. :)
For the first time in several years we were able to spend Christmas at Grandma's house.  It was so fun!  We had a blast spending time with them.  You went sledding with grandpa and played in the snow every day. Grandma and I went Christmas Eve shopping while you went bowling with Grandpa.  I was having so much fun that I didn't take too many pictures. I was just trying to soak it all in and take mental photographs.  It warmed my soul to see J and my mom and dad.  At one point my mom and dad were sitting up on their bed laughing together and I gave you, K, to them to watch for a few minutes while I did something. Their faces were so cheerful and happy, I really wished I had a camera right then.

 Grandpa was so fun and played with you and you sledded down the deck.  It was delightful!
We did our regular Christmas traditions and we sang together--which I always love.  You loved playing and telling everyone about Portland and your school.  K, you charmed everyone with your smiles.
 Real men help around the house, without complaining--thank you W!
 Uncle G and Aunt M were so dear.  Poor N had a cold and every photo I took of her turned out blurry, but she was adorable and wanted to give K hugs hugs hugs. :) What a darling!
 K, it took you a little while to warm up to everyone the first night we were there, but by the second day you were happy to be held by the dear people around you.
S, you spent as much time as you could outside. Look at those pink fingers--you were out longer than the boys and you were incredibly pleased at all the snow.  You even danced outside with your bare feet for awhile (much to my chagrin).

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