Friday, December 13, 2013

Super Man and Cape

It is no secret in this family, Daddy is the favorite. Hands down. No contest. For you K, you put on your happiest face, sit up really straight and then reach your hands up as high as you can so Daddy can take you (I really want to get a picture of it, because it warms my heart like butter on a hot griddle).

T, at this juncture you dislike intensely going to the store with me, until we get in and there are samples, of course--at which point you are relatively okay with the whole idea of serving the family by grocery shopping. But if there is any opportunity to go with Daddy anywhere you're the first to say, "Let's go!" You dash out of the house like you're on fire, instead of having me pick you up and carry you out to the car while you severely oppose the injustice of shopping.
T, you and Daddy.

R and S, you still enjoy doing everything with dad.  If someone can make anything fun, it is dad.  Working? Dad can do it! Practicing?  Dad makes you feel like a million!  Etc.
R and Dad

We've lost most of the baby photos of you S.  That makes me sad, but the ones that we do have from age 3+ make me happy.

Sometimes I am just a little jealous of his secret ability.  But then I realize how much more time I have with you than him and then I suppose that is okay.  I don't mind being your second favorite.  I get you more.

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