Thursday, December 12, 2013

Powell's Bookstore

A few days ago a couple of friends, T, K and I adventured into Portland to explore Powell's Bookstore. It was huge and there were rows upon rows upon rows of books (yes the repetition was necessary).  It was like book heaven. Let's just say, Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast would have been exceedingly pleased--it even seemed to put that gigantic library of the Beast's to shame. Yes, I am smiling at you this minute.

You found an old book that we had in Brooklyn and decided it was the one you had to have, T.  K, we got you an indestructible book so you could suck, try to tear, try to gum it to pieces, etc. to your heart's content.  Then we got a few maps of the surrounding area (because I have a terrible sense of direction--ask any NYC tourist that has asked me for directions).  Also a parenting book, because I feel there are always things one can learn from books. . . like how to establish a bedtime routine that will stick. I'm raising a friendly eyebrow to each of you.  You know who you were (because you're probably reading this way in the future).

Then we went to the Little Big Burger restaurant for food.  It had a constant line of people coming in and they were pretty quick to get the orders through. In the photo with me and sleeping K you can see the entire menu--the menu for indecisive people (like myself).  There was a little bit of seating, obviously meant for people to grab their food, eat quickly and move.  But I have to say that the fries were the best I have ever had.  That is an award I do not offer lightly, dearies.  That truffle oil does something to that simple yukon potato that makes it taste like a piece of heaven. Next time I am in that part of town I may have to stop there again because I have been craving them since.

You loved having an adventure-play date with B, T.  You talked about books the whole time and then you fell asleep on the way home while B read his book a few times.  You slept almost the whole time, K.  

It was so fun to get out with some dear friends, Erika and Angela!  We had a great time talking. We are going to try to go on "Explore Portland" outings at least once a month (I hope!).  

 It was fr-reezing that day. I left all my coats in Brooklyn.  According to my friends, it is never this cold and many Portland people don't even own coats because it is usually not this cold.  Since I am usually dashing from house to car to wherever and then back to the car and then back to the house I felt like it was fine dawning a sweater and scarf--but I was wrong.  I needed a coat and now I am losing my voice. . . and there is a concert coming up.  Rest, fluids and internet searches on how to get one's voice back are in my future.

But oh my it was fun!  It made me miss my NYC adventures with my friends.

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  1. I <3 Powell's. When I discovered Strand shortly after coming to NYC, I hoped that it would be the same. And it is, a little. But I think I love Powell's more. (Probably in much the same way that at heart I'm more a west coaster than an east coaster.)