Friday, December 6, 2013


I am happy to tell you that I have been trying to exercise more.  In fact, this last week I enthusiastically went to the gym and took a Barre class--which means I worked out in similar ways to a ballerina.  Let's just say that I get why they have toned legs.  My calves feel so "toned" that they seem like they are two sizes too small and I can't get my foot to stretch as capably as before, at all.  I walk like a frog would probably walk if it could walk completely upright.  In short, I am in pain.

I think I am grateful for that pain.  Grateful that I could go to that class (that I want to attend next week).  Grateful that my idea of toned calves has increased, because of the pain and how constricted they feel it's like they are already trying to be the toned kind.

I am just really going to do everything for a quick recovery.  I am going to have some chocolate milk, take a cool shower, do a roller stretch and pray hard for better recovery time. :)

Hooray for enthusiasm and determination to put my all into the class, right?! Right?! Right.

There, I'm putting many of my positive thought toward fast recovery time for my fit legs.

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