Friday, December 20, 2013

In memory of Sister Thorne

Yesterday I found out that the director of the choir that I sang with in the Manhattan temple dedication, Nancy Thorne, perished in a car crash earlier this week a half mile from her home. Her husband is in critical condition. He and their family are in my prayers.

Borrowed from my friend, Malissa Arnold's (pictured, two people to the right of me, below) facebook page.

From one of the men in the choir that took a photo at the dress rehearsal and gave us a CD of it at the performance.
What I didn't mention previously, specifically about Sister Nancy Thorne, was that she gave us keepsake  handkerchiefs to more fully remember the day. She purchased them with her own funds. I think they were embroidered with the Manhattan Temple. It meant a lot to me that she would do several things to help us remember the day--not just visually seeing the glorious temple, auditorally with our singing, but also kinesthetically via the handkerchief. I am so grateful for that experience.

I remember that she had great faith in me and my voice.  If the amazing professional singer couldn't have have made it to the performance to hit the high note than she told me I could be the one singing it.  That gave me a huge (and much needed) confidence boost because the aforementioned soprano had a voice like rich European chocolate--amazing!  
I guess you never know how many people's lives you will touch with your talents and kindness.  Like Sister Thorne, let's determine here and now that we will be loving and see the great potential in others.  
Thank you to her family for sharing her with me and the choir.  She was a great woman!

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