Monday, December 23, 2013

Flatbush Christmas Caroling

One year, about six years ago, when we were pregnant with you, T and R and S were little and constant munchins, which I loved. We were staying by ourselves for Christmas in a rather scary neighborhood in Brooklyn. It was not our first time with our family only and I was trying to enjoy just being us for Christmas, but I really missed our families.  I missed all the talks and the food and more than anyone I missed my mom. She's very much alive--I just really missed her.

In order to stave off those feelings I organized a caroling group.  I invited every soul I saw at church and set an appointment for all the missionaries to come with us.  When they came it was as if they just trickled in one at a time in the beginning and not everyone came.

We went to the first house and sang some songs. With each note, I felt my soul strengthen with the strands of rejoicing that entwined each word. The people loved it and some began singing with us.  Then we invited them to come along with us, complete strangers, to carol other people and guess what?!  They did!!

I felt so happy and blessed.  Those feelings of togetherness were the feelings I dearly needed.

Sometimes, it is easy to feel sad and down about things and wish you were somewhere else, like with the people you know and love, but I know that when you reach out to others around you through service and love, like caroling and other good acts of service, that you will begin to feel those feelings of sadness begin to peel away.  I won't say they will be all gone, but they will be less. And you will feel the love of God smiling upon you.

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