Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What the Future May Hold

We made an offer on a house. It is beautiful. I hope they accept our offer.

Grammers and I saw it on Friday night on my iPad app and then texted our Realtor the number, the difference was that I looked at houses with smaller yards (I told her wanted a large yard).  She called on it and we went and saw it Saturday morning. I felt something different in the house the first time we went in and then we went and saw two other lovely houses that just did not sit well in my mind.  Then we went back and it was as if the house joyfully cried out, "Hello! Welcome Home!"

Our (hopefully) future neighbors were pulling out of their driveway and they said they love the neighborhood. They looked cheerful and happy.

I have really loved this rental house. If it were just a bit bigger and closer to where we want to live, then we would have offered to buy it.

We'll find out by Tuesday if they accept our offer.  If it does not work out, I will know it was not meant to be, but if it does . . . that would be amazing, fantastic, terrific, and delightful.  Can you tell I'm excited?!


They did not accept that offer that I wrote about, but they counter-offered and then we counter offered and then they re-counter offered and we all agreed on a price. Hooray!  We're going to be home owners!