Wednesday, November 6, 2013

T Lost The Tooth

T, you did not want to hold still long enough for me to take a photo of you with your first lost tooth today, but you did hold still for fifteen seconds so you could tell me about it.
The bus driver was so happy for you too! She said, as you climbed off the bus, "He's got a surprise for you!" and she smiled.

You bounced off the bus shouting, "Look mom, I lost my first tooth!"

You are a lucky fellow for losing your tooth at school.  I always wanted to lose a tooth at school, because then I could show it off to the other kids for the rest of the day. Sometimes the teachers had mini-treasure chests for those lucky children.

To see the awesome iPad videos go here:
You actually dropped the tooth, T through our deck, but we found it a few minutes later. Your reaction made me laugh so hard and you were full of consternation at my laughter.  I just loved your response!

This is the one that you tell us that you lost it during your A B C's time and that you're going to put it under your pillow.

Thank you for brightening my day!

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