Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sunset in Tualatin

This is the sunset at the Tualatin Nature Preserve. Do you see all those birds--all those black specks? They were swarming all around the park flying in circles around it over and over. They were all Canadian geese.  It was noisy and slightly mysterious.

Speaking of sunsets or the end of a i-day, we are not getting the house I was so excited about.  Turns out it needed a lot of things fixed and we're more of a move into a house that needs little to nothing fixed. 

This is a good thing, right?! 
As Grammers says, "Each place you go you learn more and more of what you want."

We don't want stucco. We don't want to have to replace tiled everything. We like not-white carpet. We like neutral walls. We like insulation/caulking so that the place is not freezing. We like sturdy decks. We like yards.  We like up-to-code everything.  We like quality work. We like new.

Now please excuse me for a five-minute pity party. I'll feel better tomorrow. Where's that chocolate?

On a happy note, I am glad not to be a pioneer settling this land.  It would make my pity party sound pathetic.  It is kind of. Every good soul has a few minutes of outright pathetic-ness. It's like a hill we climb and get over.

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