Thursday, November 14, 2013

Grammers Visit Days 1 and 2

I cannot convey how very excited you were that Grammers was coming.  She took this photo when she got here.

She came to your room at bedtime and read to you every night. A book that she brought especially for you.
 She cheered smiles out of you, K.
She even checked on your new baby teeth.

 She let you camp out on the floor in her room and there were gales of laughter heard throughout the whole house as she told you stories about Daddy's childhood. You could not stop talking about it the next day.

The next morning you made cookies with Grandma. All but the last of these photos is from Grammers. 

And we went to the bulk food mecca of many American families--Costco.

And she practiced with you, S.  She had amazing patience and was so sweet and kind you gladly practiced anything she asked immediately (let's practice that with me, okay?).
 She listened to everyone play and then cheered you on, like you were in a great concert hall.

Grammers came and this is how you felt about it. You adored her!

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