Monday, November 18, 2013

Grammers Day 3

One of the places that has been on my Portland bucket list was the block of food trucks.  So before we went to look at houses, we decided to go get some food at the food trucks.  T, you were starving and really wanted to not walk.  

But you did walk. Everything was okay as soon as you had some food in your tummy. S, this is the way you asked Grammers to do your hair.

T, you really wanted to bring your plush toys, but I told you they were very sleepy and needed to stay in the car where they would not get lost and where they could take a nap. When I came to get the car to pick everyone up, this is how you had put them down for a nap. It made me smile!

Grammers made it so fun for everyone when she was here.  She made us all laugh a lot.  She listened to everyone practice and made us all feel loved and important.  She worked hard too.  She was the first one up in the morning and made delicious food for us and then helped me fix or fixed dinner and she did our laundry. My heavens she was wonderful! We are so blessed to have her! 

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