Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Daddy Dearest and K Mine

K, you have been sick lately and I cannot tell if it is because you are actually sick, teething or if it is because of your vaccinations a few days ago. But you are really stuffed up and you do not like lying down for long.  That being said, at bed time you only sleep for a couple of hours before it becomes too much and you want daddy or I to walk you.

Tonight when we were singing this song my heart welled up with gratitude for Daddy for walking you at night. In the choir we are singing a song about Joseph rocking the baby Jesus.  When we sing it, I think of Daddy rocking and holding you K (like the photo below) and almost every time it makes me tear up.   He is such a good father and I feel blessed that he wants to be the best he can for you, all of you.  He gladly gets up to walk you and then lets me sleep in.  I love that Daddy and I are equal partners and that we strive to help each other and are happy for one another's successes and that together we are stronger.

Okay. I love you.  I hope you are great when and wherever you are reading this.  You are so important to me!  Never forget that you are loved!

Daddy and I want you to love music.  You seem to take this very seriously, K.  You love to taste everything (of course), but I like to think it is your way of tasting the music.

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