Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is going to be great. House hunting, eating out, cleaning, etc. I'm so excited!

If you wanted a cheerful happy post, you've read it.

Okay, today I am facing the part of motherhood that makes me feel like I would like to take a vacation and that Europe is sounding very good right now.  Okay, almost anywhere is sounding good right now. K, I think you must be teething or something. I know if I took you to the doctor she'd just say, "Oh, she's teething!" or something ground breaking like that.  Then she'd offer some simple advice like, "Just be patient, you'll get through it."  I'd smile and nod like it was super advice but in my head I would be thinking--You be patient! I want her to feel great and I want me to feel like a human being again.

It's a good thing I love you so much. You are perfect, even if you keep us up super late and won't let me put you down all day. You're only going to be like this a little while so I'm enjoying your baby sweetness all I can.  I am going to hug you and keep you close!

You're asleep and I think I may just go take a nap right now (or T says play a game with him) and then maybe I'll be able to look that wretched to-do list in the "i." Haha.  Okay, I need rest.  

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Daddy Dearest and K Mine

K, you have been sick lately and I cannot tell if it is because you are actually sick, teething or if it is because of your vaccinations a few days ago. But you are really stuffed up and you do not like lying down for long.  That being said, at bed time you only sleep for a couple of hours before it becomes too much and you want daddy or I to walk you.

Tonight when we were singing this song my heart welled up with gratitude for Daddy for walking you at night. In the choir we are singing a song about Joseph rocking the baby Jesus.  When we sing it, I think of Daddy rocking and holding you K (like the photo below) and almost every time it makes me tear up.   He is such a good father and I feel blessed that he wants to be the best he can for you, all of you.  He gladly gets up to walk you and then lets me sleep in.  I love that Daddy and I are equal partners and that we strive to help each other and are happy for one another's successes and that together we are stronger.

Okay. I love you.  I hope you are great when and wherever you are reading this.  You are so important to me!  Never forget that you are loved!

Daddy and I want you to love music.  You seem to take this very seriously, K.  You love to taste everything (of course), but I like to think it is your way of tasting the music.

Monday, November 25, 2013


 Let's be honest, getting to church on time is incredibly challenging.
 Someone needed help yesterday and let's just say it carried over long enough for us to not find a place to sit.  So we seated ourselves in the Relief Society room where we (I) listened to the talks with the doors open and they were so good.
Daddy gave a great lesson to his youth class.  It was about goal setting and the Young Women's youth group that I work with talked about work.  I loved it!  I left feeling very inspired to work harder to accomplish my goals.

These are the first photos with my new phone camera.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Oh My Bosch!

There is a tradition in the VDG family that Grammers started.
 It is to own and use a Bosch mixer.

 Grammers has had hers for 30+ years and it is still going strong.
 Isn't that fresh bread just beautiful?  It was so tasty too!
 This is Grammers telling me that the consistency of this bread was great!
 She also brought and played the game Uno with you. They are the same cards Daddy played with when he was growing up!
Right after this Grammers left and we miss her! 

Thank you for coming and being so much fun and making us so many delicious goodies!  We love you Grammers!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Grammers Day 4

 Grammers has a tradition where she has all the grandkids make gingerbread houses.
 You loved it!   You all made your houses and you ate a lot of goodies as you ate.
Then we went to the Tualatin National Wildlife Refuge. 
If you saw my post from yesterday and the photo you realize that there were hundreds if not thousands of Canadian Geese swarming the place.  As you can tell from the photo below, it was quite a sight.

 They have a place where they invite visitors to make a nest with their prepared sticks.  You loved it!
 Grammers was taking a lot of photos.

 I loved seeing Daddy enjoying the hiking. I loved it too!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sunset in Tualatin

This is the sunset at the Tualatin Nature Preserve. Do you see all those birds--all those black specks? They were swarming all around the park flying in circles around it over and over. They were all Canadian geese.  It was noisy and slightly mysterious.

Speaking of sunsets or the end of a i-day, we are not getting the house I was so excited about.  Turns out it needed a lot of things fixed and we're more of a move into a house that needs little to nothing fixed. 

This is a good thing, right?! 
As Grammers says, "Each place you go you learn more and more of what you want."

We don't want stucco. We don't want to have to replace tiled everything. We like not-white carpet. We like neutral walls. We like insulation/caulking so that the place is not freezing. We like sturdy decks. We like yards.  We like up-to-code everything.  We like quality work. We like new.

Now please excuse me for a five-minute pity party. I'll feel better tomorrow. Where's that chocolate?

On a happy note, I am glad not to be a pioneer settling this land.  It would make my pity party sound pathetic.  It is kind of. Every good soul has a few minutes of outright pathetic-ness. It's like a hill we climb and get over.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Grammers Day 3

One of the places that has been on my Portland bucket list was the block of food trucks.  So before we went to look at houses, we decided to go get some food at the food trucks.  T, you were starving and really wanted to not walk.  

But you did walk. Everything was okay as soon as you had some food in your tummy. S, this is the way you asked Grammers to do your hair.

T, you really wanted to bring your plush toys, but I told you they were very sleepy and needed to stay in the car where they would not get lost and where they could take a nap. When I came to get the car to pick everyone up, this is how you had put them down for a nap. It made me smile!

Grammers made it so fun for everyone when she was here.  She made us all laugh a lot.  She listened to everyone practice and made us all feel loved and important.  She worked hard too.  She was the first one up in the morning and made delicious food for us and then helped me fix or fixed dinner and she did our laundry. My heavens she was wonderful! We are so blessed to have her! 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Grammers Visit Days 1 and 2

I cannot convey how very excited you were that Grammers was coming.  She took this photo when she got here.

She came to your room at bedtime and read to you every night. A book that she brought especially for you.
 She cheered smiles out of you, K.
She even checked on your new baby teeth.

 She let you camp out on the floor in her room and there were gales of laughter heard throughout the whole house as she told you stories about Daddy's childhood. You could not stop talking about it the next day.

The next morning you made cookies with Grandma. All but the last of these photos is from Grammers. 

And we went to the bulk food mecca of many American families--Costco.

And she practiced with you, S.  She had amazing patience and was so sweet and kind you gladly practiced anything she asked immediately (let's practice that with me, okay?).
 She listened to everyone play and then cheered you on, like you were in a great concert hall.

Grammers came and this is how you felt about it. You adored her!