Monday, October 7, 2013

The Color Run

Dear Self:

When running in the Color Run, do not wear a bulky, men's purple shirt that is too big for you and then attempt to put on a shirt that is also big over it.  It gives a slight appearance of a rhino.  As much fun as it may be for a rhino to run like that, a woman running like that is not fun.   Also, next time you run, skip the headband unless you are absolutely boiling.  It may look sweet on a tennis player the width of a string bean, but for you whose shape has changed thanks to the dear sweet ones reading this, consider picking up your race packet sooner so that the worries about the added bulk are not an issue.

(Thank you, R, for taking the photos of me).

Looking like an oompa loompa is fun for the first five minutes.  Washing orange out of your hair and ear for the next week is not so much fun--but it is fun actually showing that you've had a great time during the run.

Run this with a friend.  Remember the jokes people are cracking all around you.  Eat a healthy go-get-um snack before running so you feel like you can think clearly as you run.  And by all means, every step you take congratulate yourself for the wonderful work you are doing.  Not every one can run a 5k and you're one of the blessed ones.

Stand near the front of the starting line so you get the goodies from the DJ--jackets, etc.   You paid a small fortune to run the race, do all you can to maximize your expenditure.

I'm proud of you for running this. I'm glad that you went all those miles and ran half of it and did not stop.  I'm glad you hammed it up for your kidlets and husband at the end and ran over the finish line about five times, for effect.  I'm glad I got funny looks from people astonished at the extent of orange on my face, hair  and neck.  People need a good shock every now and again.  You can now mark this off your bucket list.

Well done.


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