Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Story of Bedtime

This was taken a few days ago.
You made Daddy and I laugh tonight. We thought you had all gone to bed, when we heard you laughing and talking together.  We walked up there loudly pronouncing, "We know the kids are asleep. They went to bed so well."  We then walked in to find you, S, pretending to be asleep in a praying position on the floor over T's bed.  R and T, you were both "sleeping" on your own beds. 

Daddy and I said, "Oh, look. They're asleep. They probably brushed their teeth and everything. S fell asleep praying, look!" 

T, you began to laugh and wiggle a lot.  I said, "T is sleep laughing!"  Then Daddy reached over and began tickling you. Then you, R and S started laughing.

Then we had family prayer.  I love you funny kidlets! You make me happy!

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