Monday, October 28, 2013

She is Not Crazy!

T you made me so proud when you stood up for me with the wonderful phrase, "She is NOT crazy!" You said this right after someone exclaimed in a quarter-joking (half of half-joking) voice that I was crazy for having four children. After all, the dear woman mused, she was at her wit's end with her one.

I cannot tell you how much I wanted to gather you up in a hug and give you a fat kiss right on your forehead, right in front of that woman I did not think that highly of at that moment.

I also wanted to hop on my high horse and say to that woman that you four are some of the greatest things to ever happen to me.  I wanted to tell her that you mean the world to me and that it is an honor to be your mother and that I would not trade you for the universe!

That is not to say wit's end visits now and again, but normally happiness haven is present, even though sometimes it takes a momentary bathroom break and I am able to gather my senses and re-realize how dearly I am blessed!

Perhaps she was having a hard day. Perhaps she thought her sarcasm was crystal-clearly sarcasm and merely a slicing joke.  Perhaps she was at a point of exhaustion mentally.  I do not know.  But this I do know, that she is a child of God and that her child is a child of God.  I sincerely believe she is doing the best she knows how (aren't we all?).  We all secretly believe we have a pretty good idea what is best for everyone else, but in reality, there is one being who knows and he's immortal and is known by many names and one of the most well known are listed above. 

I did not reply anything to her comment and I cannot remember what I told you, T.  I just remember feeling very proud and grateful.  You are wonderful children. I am so grateful for you and for the gift it is to be your mother!  Daddy is so glad to be your dad! We are grateful for you!

Are you going to feed me some of that yummy chili, Dad?

You may have noticed, most of the photos above are of you serving. Generally they are you serving K, because that is when I can get the camera and snap photos.  

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