Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Portland's Fantasy Trail

Last Friday night we went with some friends to see the Fantasy Trail near Oregon City.  You had a great time scaring each other and attempting to scare the friends that came with us.   The nights haven't gotten too cold yet so you kept trying to hand me your coats and stuff. The rule is you wear it, you carry it (unless I have a stroller, in which case you might be able to put it on the stroller).

All the photos below were left un-edited and red-eyed on purpose. I thought it looked more in keeping with the Halloween season. :) I was holding you K, and only had one lens and it was a prime (that means it takes sharp photos, but does not zoom--which is great if the photographer can move about, but difficult if the photographer has a baby strapped to her).

Your favorite thing about the trip was definitely the friends. You also liked the lollipop they gave you at the end of the trail.

You also liked the little houses filled with Halloween excitement/ghouls/ghosts/etc.   You loved going through the pirate ship maze.  It took you 30 seconds and then you would rush out across this awesome suspended bridge (below).

Some of the places you liked to go in, look through the windows and end up going down slides. You also liked getting the goodies that they had (apple cider, doughnuts, hot cocoa, etc). 

Every time you passed the little pumpkin on the wall it would say excitedly, "Happy Halloween!"   It said it many times.
Thank you to KD, who invited us to come along.  We had a blast!

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