Wednesday, October 30, 2013

People Photography

Don't you just love to take photographs of people?
It's like for one brief moment you see into someone's soul.
The film doesn't always capture it and sometimes it is shielded, but usually,
people smile and you see into their eyes.
You see images of eternal significance or of memories that will be made.
You see what great things each person's potential, the great good they can do.
You see beauty, not fake beauty that is told by people demanding the utmost in-the-now fashion; but real, true beauty {or handsomeness} emanating from the faces.
You can see the joy of a single smile.
One moment drawn from the years of their lives.
One moment where sadness is put on the back burner and happiness prevails.
You see the light of God.
It is glorious!
It makes me smile!

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