Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Our Yard and the Creatures Therein

The needles have been falling all over our yard from our massive trees and I have been raking.  My goal is one of these days when you come home from school with little or no homework and the sun is shining that we'll get out there and scoop them all up, together, so we can enjoy our yard without a gazillion pine needles. Yesterday does not count!

You love to play in the yard.  Isn't it so much fun?!  It is so green and alive.  It is also a lot of work.  The way you get paid an allowance greatly depends on your ability to get the yard work done. You mow the lawn and spray for those pesky take-over-the-world-one-yard-at-a-time weeds.  

You love to explore and find creatures.  So far you have found: 2 praying mantis, 1 garden snake, all sorts of spiders--including the water feature's resident hobo spider--which weekly gets sprayed with weed withering stuff, but seems to come out stronger than before.

Speaking of spiders. We've been house hunting.  Every single house we visited had a huge spider either in the doorway or right outside the door.  So Oregon, you are a formidable spider grower.  You keep surprising us.  I'm hoping that the mantis that we find will multiply and replenish in our yard, forcing the poisonous spiders to retreat--out of the yard and away from our house. Forever. 

Even if spiders are gross, they are kind of amazing.  Where is the web?  What would it be like if we could climb impossible thing and then swing on a rope our bodies made?  Isn't nature fascinating?

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