Thursday, October 10, 2013

Neon Run Part-Poem

 Thank you for using your phone with a flash, Erika! :) 

The night was dark
As we walked about the park.
People were walking,
Others were talking.
As you looked you saw the glint of shoes
Runners were moving in ones and twos.
After driving for two hours straight
We all lined up at the gate
Waiting for our race to begin,
Our determination not to chagrin.
Traffic behind us, 5k to go;
Our willing metal determined to show.
The darkness seemed to swallow all.
The cool breeze whispered, "It's fall."
One person ran and fell
Refused our aid to tell.

The paint, on us, spattered
while the machine painting clattered.
The color seemed bright and bold,
But it disappeared as it got cold.
We walked like we'd won
Until we were done.
Being with friends is the best,
better than all the rest.
Heart was happy then.
Laughing again and again.
Erika, thank you!
Your friendship is true.

We had a great time! We started the race around 8:30 (one of the last heats I believe) and Erika was all ready to run, but since I hurt my ankle awhile back and all we could see of the ground was darkness, I chose to walk. I am not sure Erika wanted to walk, but she obliged.  Sure, people jogged past us, but I had so much fun talking with Erika that I didn't mind. I hope she didn't.   Next 5k we go on, we're going to invite more friends because as we talked we had a great time guessing how others would be on the run and their enthusiasm.  It was great to get paint on us (I left mine at home) it was funny because as we ran past to get painted it would squirt teensy (which is less than tiny in my opinion) droplets of paint on us, which would last past the lights in the tent following the painters, but did not last until the next tent.  

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