Monday, October 14, 2013

Good Times!

One of my university roommates lives near/in Portland and we met together to go see the new movie Austenland.  It was so much fun to see her and to visit. I saw that she is still an amazing woman with such kindness and confidence.  My new friend, A, came with us ("Come man, she's an Angel{a}!").  We had a great time chatting and laughing afterward, but I had to get home quickly because you, K, were very hungry! 

It made me feel so grateful that V and I were roommates. I think I needed her to be my roommate right then! She was there when Daddy (my "good match") and I met, dated and we saw her after we were married and she was engaged to her now husband. Sometimes the Lord knows that we need certain people in our lives at certain points and we just have to be very grateful for those people and experiences. Thanks V! 

I was reminded of the fun times we had and how she was there when I saw Pride and Prejudice, the six-hour version, for the very first time. I remember scoffing and being completely shocked that Mr. Darcy didn't smile until the very end. . . and now it is one of my staple movies that I watch several times a year and which I can quote when something happens ("Remember how surprised we all were when . . .").

Also, Austenland made me want to make a movie someday. :) But you already know that.  I/we are taking small steps right now.  I am prioritizing. It's on the list. But I still like to mention it to people that know me in a whisper, because the whole prospect quite excites me ("It's a fair prospect, I grant you.") and reminds me of this video by President Uchtdorf.

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