Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Glasses and Contacts

We went and got contacts and glasses the other day.
You waited in the Kid's Korner (that's how they spelled it).
K, everyone sang to you.
R, S, and T you played in the yard behind the Optometrist's office.

Isn't Daddy handsome?  I am so glad I get to look at this charming face every day!

Oh, K. This is not from the actual day, but I wanted you to know you were so sweet in your ducky jammies (we were trying to keep you warm).  

You know how much I love photos of dandelions.  They are glorious!

We had a great time playing with a few (very few) pairs of glasses.  We were very careful--the people at the desk seemed a little nervous--especially of those rounded ones I am wearing below because they are worth around $700 a pair.

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