Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Activity Days Pinewood Derby

S, it was your and the family's first pinewood derby. You were so excited. The moment we got the car, you opened it and you found the things you needed to make it the way you wanted it.

You painted it with your favorite water colors.

You went to the Pinewood Derby and Bro. Payne added some weight to give you more of an advantage. The goal is for each car to weigh 5 oz. so they have the same-ish chance of winning. Yours did not weigh that amount.

But it was lovely and had a nice number on it.

I tried to let you know, you would not win. But you sat excitedly every run and watched secretly hoping that yours would inch before everyone else's and mysteriously win.

You came in last every race.
You cried.  I felt sad for you. So did everyone else and your leaders comforted you. 
I'm sorry that you felt bad.

Lesson learned.
We will be more prepared for or skip the next Pinewood Derby.

You gave your car away to a little girl that did not have a car.
I was really proud of you! Your car was lovely. You were a good sport.
To me, that was more important than anything else.

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