Thursday, October 31, 2013

I Fixed the Toilet!

Check out the source of the awesomeness above.

I am happily proud of myself.
I think it is good to give yourself a pat on the back for the work you do.
I'm so glad to have that done, it only took me two months to do a five minute fix-it. 
It is done!

Some things that you have accomplished lately that you may not have thought about:
T, you are reading at an almost 2nd grate level.
S, you are really getting better at violin and you love to play in front of people. You also won a ghost at school today.
R, you are reading book after book and are learning so much! 


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

People Photography

Don't you just love to take photographs of people?
It's like for one brief moment you see into someone's soul.
The film doesn't always capture it and sometimes it is shielded, but usually,
people smile and you see into their eyes.
You see images of eternal significance or of memories that will be made.
You see what great things each person's potential, the great good they can do.
You see beauty, not fake beauty that is told by people demanding the utmost in-the-now fashion; but real, true beauty {or handsomeness} emanating from the faces.
You can see the joy of a single smile.
One moment drawn from the years of their lives.
One moment where sadness is put on the back burner and happiness prevails.
You see the light of God.
It is glorious!
It makes me smile!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Activity Days Pinewood Derby

S, it was your and the family's first pinewood derby. You were so excited. The moment we got the car, you opened it and you found the things you needed to make it the way you wanted it.

You painted it with your favorite water colors.

You went to the Pinewood Derby and Bro. Payne added some weight to give you more of an advantage. The goal is for each car to weigh 5 oz. so they have the same-ish chance of winning. Yours did not weigh that amount.

But it was lovely and had a nice number on it.

I tried to let you know, you would not win. But you sat excitedly every run and watched secretly hoping that yours would inch before everyone else's and mysteriously win.

You came in last every race.
You cried.  I felt sad for you. So did everyone else and your leaders comforted you. 
I'm sorry that you felt bad.

Lesson learned.
We will be more prepared for or skip the next Pinewood Derby.

You gave your car away to a little girl that did not have a car.
I was really proud of you! Your car was lovely. You were a good sport.
To me, that was more important than anything else.

K Has Begun Solids

You also like oatmeal, grape and apple taste--from the grape or apple (in mommy's hand).
Let's just say green beans are not your favorite. I cannot believe you are eating solids already? Weren't you just born yesterday?! 

Monday, October 28, 2013

She is Not Crazy!

T you made me so proud when you stood up for me with the wonderful phrase, "She is NOT crazy!" You said this right after someone exclaimed in a quarter-joking (half of half-joking) voice that I was crazy for having four children. After all, the dear woman mused, she was at her wit's end with her one.

I cannot tell you how much I wanted to gather you up in a hug and give you a fat kiss right on your forehead, right in front of that woman I did not think that highly of at that moment.

I also wanted to hop on my high horse and say to that woman that you four are some of the greatest things to ever happen to me.  I wanted to tell her that you mean the world to me and that it is an honor to be your mother and that I would not trade you for the universe!

That is not to say wit's end visits now and again, but normally happiness haven is present, even though sometimes it takes a momentary bathroom break and I am able to gather my senses and re-realize how dearly I am blessed!

Perhaps she was having a hard day. Perhaps she thought her sarcasm was crystal-clearly sarcasm and merely a slicing joke.  Perhaps she was at a point of exhaustion mentally.  I do not know.  But this I do know, that she is a child of God and that her child is a child of God.  I sincerely believe she is doing the best she knows how (aren't we all?).  We all secretly believe we have a pretty good idea what is best for everyone else, but in reality, there is one being who knows and he's immortal and is known by many names and one of the most well known are listed above. 

I did not reply anything to her comment and I cannot remember what I told you, T.  I just remember feeling very proud and grateful.  You are wonderful children. I am so grateful for you and for the gift it is to be your mother!  Daddy is so glad to be your dad! We are grateful for you!

Are you going to feed me some of that yummy chili, Dad?

You may have noticed, most of the photos above are of you serving. Generally they are you serving K, because that is when I can get the camera and snap photos.  

Friday, October 25, 2013

Family Run

Every now and then, Daddy motivates us to go on a family run. So we go over to some level place near us and we run up and down the road.  Daddy has told you that for every lap you make you can stay up five minutes more per person per lap, meaning, if you run four laps you can stay up an extra hour (which you love and always do).  K, you ride in the stroller.

Obviously, we do not get dressed up to go on family runs. I am also happy to report that those jeans you were wearing T have been graciously donated to the garbage fairy.  T, you insisted that Link be in the family photo.

I love the feeling of togetherness it gives us.  I think it is such a great idea of Daddy's!  I love that he makes a concerted effort to do things as a family!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Baggenstos Part 2

Their website is here:

Everyone thought the pumpkin was light, that was because B was doing all the heavy lifting.

 I like the pumpkin over there, mom. 

 B just loved holding you, K. You were so good!  At this point, you were all hungry and thirsty.

Believe it or not, it was difficult to get you all the photo prop for a photo. You all kept moving and changing places at different times so in most of the photos I took at least two of the faces were empty at a time. 

 Even when holding a baby, R, you are a comedian.

I'm not sure how I feel about this pumpkin.  It seems to lack uniformity . . . and needs to be washed.  At least, that is what you could have been thinking K. I'm excited for you to tell me your thoughts some day, but for now I'm just enjoying everything about you.  Your lower teeth are coming in, you precocious baby girl! 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Date Night With You

Daddy is so dear to me, as you know.  He surprised me by taking me on a date, with all of you too!  

It made me really happy that he wanted to do a family date. I like it almost as much as I like a mommy and daddy only date. You plead with us to go to Olive Garden and so, we did.  You loved the bread sticks and the "macaroni and cheese."  They forgot to give us our take-home meal, but other than that it was was a really fun time. 

Daddy and I told you about our first dance-date, where Daddy took me to the Olive Garden. My mother had always taught me that when you go out on a date, you let your date order first and then you get something of equal or lesser priced.  The dish I really wanted was ten cents more, but being the stickler I was and how much I adored daddy, I went for the spaghetti (ten cents less).  While we were talking a mayfly came swooping around us and . . . ended up in my spaghetti, which I did not really like any way but there was no way I was going to eat it then. I didn't want daddy to see how ick-ified I felt over the fly so I just stopped eating and pretended nothing was wrong.  We had so much fun talking that we sat there for three hours. They came by several times to see if we were done.  Finally they asked us to leave if we were finished because they were incredibly busy and needed the table.  It felt so nice to just talk. Daddy was hilarious and we laughed so much!  Remember, when you date someone that you enjoy being with them. If they are the right person, they will inspire you to be your best self.  You will feel so happy. 

The best thing about the whole night was seeing your expressions and your happiness at eating out together and hearing the above story. I liked that we talked about food and our day in detail. You mean the world to me! Thank you for being my kidlets!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Glasses and Contacts

We went and got contacts and glasses the other day.
You waited in the Kid's Korner (that's how they spelled it).
K, everyone sang to you.
R, S, and T you played in the yard behind the Optometrist's office.

Isn't Daddy handsome?  I am so glad I get to look at this charming face every day!

Oh, K. This is not from the actual day, but I wanted you to know you were so sweet in your ducky jammies (we were trying to keep you warm).  

You know how much I love photos of dandelions.  They are glorious!

We had a great time playing with a few (very few) pairs of glasses.  We were very careful--the people at the desk seemed a little nervous--especially of those rounded ones I am wearing below because they are worth around $700 a pair.