Monday, September 9, 2013


Dear K:

You are adored! I cannot tell you how glad I am that we have you!  You are my little ray of sunshine.  Two days ago you started laughing, just a little, but day by day you are laughing more and more.  You love to vocalize. You often get a response, which makes you vocalize even more. You've started to sing--or at least vocalize on one note for around 5-10 seconds (which is kind of amazing for a three month old).

This last week I was at a friend's house and I was preparing us to go and I asked you, "Are you ready to go?" and you gave a resounding "Yeahh!"  My friend looked up utterly shocked. It made me laugh because it is only one of several times that you have given a fitting answer at the exact right moment.  

The other day you and I went clothes shopping for me.  You should have seen the looks I got as I asked you whether or not you liked the clothes I was considering.  You were completely indifferent to all the options, but it felt great to me to talk my ideas of the outfits through to you before I purchased them.  

Your smile comes so quickly now.  Sometimes when you see me giving a hug or a kiss to Daddy we wonder if you get a little jealous because you get a scornful look on your face that just makes us laugh. I think your favorite thing to hear is me laughing because whenever I laugh your smile beams (obviously you make me laugh a lot). 

R, S, and T think you are absolutely the best! They love carrying you about and they adore showing you off to anyone nearby.  They talk with you a lot!  When other kids are nearby they hover near you, ready to protect if the need should arise.  You are such a blessed girl to have them!

I love lifting you and hugging you close to me! I think you love it too. I love feeling like I have you, my dear baby girl, sent to me to love and cherish and bring up.  I can tell you're quick as a whip and you have great potential. We need you always and I am so glad, glad, glad that we have you!  I love you!


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