Friday, September 6, 2013

[Delighted squeal] I Got A New Lens

 Last month, right after the weddings were done (the second one I'll post photos of soon), my camera fell on the pavement and my awesome lens broke.  We were sort of saving up to buy this lens anyway so I was so happy when it arrived today. It is an 85 mm lens. My last one was a 50 mm 1.4 lens.   
I feel like this one needs a caption.  This one makes me think of, "Come a step closer and my thumb gets it."  You're really not a thumb sucker, K, but you have discovered your hands. You picked up some Legos today so I'll have to keep you away from them.

 I thought the end of the garden hose was more rounded, did you?

This was T, after you practiced.  You were posing for the photo. Thank you!

S, you were willing to give me the action shots, although it looks like you're doing an advertisement for Lego.

Last night, K, Daddy was singing to you and you started singing along. Then today while I was working on this you did again. It doesn't sound like bigger person singing. It sounds like sweet baby girl noises that are held out.  "Ahhhh."  If that was in all caps then it would be crying, but it was so dear to listen to my soul was happy!

I am so excited for sharp photos!  Hooray!  Now I want more lenses. This summer has been kind of a photo journal more than a written blog.  We've done so many things that it feels like there isn't time to write much.  I love being with you!

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