Thursday, September 5, 2013

Chima Tournament

You love to go to the Lego store for just about anything.  You look forward to playing with the Legos and I'll be honest, I think you could probably spend all day there just playing with the Legos they have out.  The Bushmans met us there and we had a great time playing.

 B made you smile, K.

 The topic of conversation that most mothers have in the Lego store consist of why they feel like Legos are so educational and good for the kids. Some moms even say something like, "I wouldn't mind just having them play with Legos and getting rid of all the other toys."  I laugh because at this point it is almost how it is with you--you have Legos and plush. Sarah has a doll and a few other toys we brought with us. And I don't think any of you feel like you're missing something. 

Then we, the moms, talk about the pain that is inflicted if we step on a Lego. 
I love you!

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