Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Promise Fulfilled

Dear R: 
When we were in NYC you desperately wanted to go the Lego store's promotional giveaway at the beginning of each month, where they gave away 100 or so free items that kids get to put together in the store.  Somehow it did not work out.  Now, we live 10 minutes from a Lego store and we've gone to the giveaway.  I now consider my promise to take you to one fulfilled.  

Promises can be so daunting, after we moved I was not in the least bit sure that I could fulfill that promise until my friend, Erika told me about her being a Lego insider and that every month she goes. Knowing that a friend was going encouraged me to take you. You raced Erika's son, A to build the flamingo and you finished at the same time, each claiming to have finished first.  Then you helped another child build theirs.  I was proud.  

Now you, S, and T have your very own pink Lego flamingos. Congratulations!

I love you. I love to see you build with your Legos.  I love your smile. I love your kindness. I love that you are a great listener and teller of bedtime stories.  You are an amazing young man and I feel so blessed to be your mom!

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