Monday, August 26, 2013


On Friday we went to OMSI, or the Oregon Museum of Science Institute. It was really fun. They had places for you to do experiments almost every where.  A.W. (pictured above) was able secure tickets for a large group of us and so several moms and even a dad and a grandpa were able to come.  It was amazing! 

Thank you, AW!

T, you and B had a great time playing "connect 4" with the robots.
K, you thought the whole thing, and all the people that smiled at you for extended periods of time,especially Erika, were utterly delightful!
They had a room completely dedicated to balls and tubes--so you could build contraptions that had balls going all over the place (including above people in the other room).

They had an earthquake simulation room.  And a place to try to fly your own airplanes or float boats. 

 Can you see yourselves and your friends in this picture?

It was so fun, we definitely want to go again!

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