Saturday, August 10, 2013

I Did It!

Today, I did something that I have wanted to do for the last six years, I auditioned for a choir.  I auditioned for the Portland Symphonic Choir.

The only reason I did not go for the choirs in New York was because Daddy had crazy hours and when he was on call, I was on call (meaning I had to be there for you).  Also, I dearly wanted Daddy to watch you when I couldn't, because I loved seeing him all dad-like.

How did it go? Well, I'll be honest, I was nervous and I messed up quite a few times.  But I think they could sense I was passionate about music and that I was very excited.  Even if I don't get in, I am thankful that I auditioned.  It was good practice.

The people were very kind and warm, warmer than the people I auditioned for in college (they were warm after the auditions were over). I felt the greatest amount of support from the awesome pianist, Sidney.  She was lovely! As I was leaving she smiled a gorgeous smile at me and said, "Go and make some magic, or even more magic!"
I loved what she said, it is so much better than a plain ordinary every day "good-bye."  She said it like she meant it and I envisioned myself suddenly becoming one of those technicolor fairies, whose wings are just obscured from mortal's views.

I think I should say something validating and encouraging and enthralling like that.

Go, keep making magic!

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