Thursday, August 8, 2013

Follow the Promptings

One of the things that I have really been working on for myself is learning to follow the prompting of the Holy Ghost.  After we went to the museum the other day, S and T, you hopped right into Erika's van.  I had a very strong feeling that you should ride with me, so I told Erika that I wanted you to ride back with me.  She said it was fine.  You didn't like that, but you know by now when I have a strong impression that I really try to follow it. 
These were from a year and a half ago about, at the Brooklyn Costco eye doctor.
 Today I found out that Erika nearly got in a wreck just outside the parking lot and that she barely missed hitting a car that sped out of the parking lot ahead of her without looking.  As I spoke with Erika and her husband, Ben, about it, we felt very blessed and grateful.  

The Lord is watching out for you! He knows you and loves you!  Remember that there are no coincidences and that things happen for a reason.  I am so grateful that the prompting was followed and that everyone was safe.
Realize that sometimes when you follow the promptings you receive that you may not see the end result immediately, or even not at all.  That is not a bad thing, it may be that you were protected by taking a moment to do something else, you may not know.

If you miss an opportunity to follow a prompting to pray very hard that everything will be okay and it will normally work out.  That feeling that you get when you know you should have followed a prompting may feel like a rock in your stomach. That is when you know you need to pray really hard and re-promise yourself that you will follow those promptings. They are vitally important parts of our earthly test.  

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