Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum Adventure

The number one draw of this museum is the awesome "airplane ride" that you kidlets get when you walk into the door.  You got one ride when they walked in and you were super lucky because they gave you one when we were leaving. I don't know if they let that happen often.
The history of aviation and space travel is very interesting. You wanted to touch everything and were amazed at the size of all the amazing planes, missiles, space crafts, etc. 
There were different things for you to try: air rockets, landing a space craft, etc.  It was very fun and exciting.

Sometimes it was difficult to keep you and your friends together because you wanted to look at different things at the same time.
We liked this museum a lot and we only made it to part of it, we did not make it to the other buildings.
Our town and the surrounding towns have an interesting thing, you can get into the museums for free if you check out a pass (or something like that--my friends can correct me if I am wrong, because I have never done it).  Having a pass saved us $25 per person.  We had 3 adults (two on my pass and one library one, normally $25 each) and six kids (normally $23 each) and you baby K (free) with us.  That means we saved . . . $213.  Whoo hoo!!!  I love saving money!

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