Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Aunt L's Wedding Day

After driving all night, getting picked up for speeding and getting off barely (we feel it was because of our love of Oregon and the way it smells), we barely arrived in time for the wedding.  You were watched by one of Grammer's neighbors and you loved it! She was very nice!
Grammers made sure that all the little girls had gorgeous pink dresses (which you of course loved). They had ample lace and you got to wear a crown.  You loved seeing J and you hardly left her side the whole time, S!
Daddy looks so handsome, especially with you, Baby K. While at the temple, you stayed with cousin Kendi.  You loved her!

The glorious grandma greats!

Aunt L and Uncle D were so happy, they were absolutely beaming. The ceremony was beautiful. The theme of the reception was, I think, a fairy tale wedding. It was beautiful and so fun!

There was an ice cream bar and everything else was pink and beautiful.

Your new Uncle D with his mom. She looks so proud!! Don't they have great smiles?!

Uncle J took amazing photos!  He and Aunt K took photos.  

Aw, look at Grammers and Grampa--they're smooching.

I love that you each have goals to be married in the temple!  I cannot think of any greater gift than to be with those you love forever.  Aren't we blessed?!  I hope you can find someone with whom you can laugh and feel like your best self.  This makes me so happy for Daddy!  He is the best for me! :D

You loved dancing!  You made it so fun! 

Aunt L and Uncle D looks so happy together. Their smiles did not come off all night long and they laughed and laughed together.  They are excellent dancers.
We look pretty good after driving all night the night before.  

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