Monday, August 26, 2013

Cannon Beach

I miss was happily reminded of Brooklyn (remember, I am trying to keep this blog upbeat-ish).  When I say Brooklyn,  I mean all the dear people that I know and the places that I cherish in my memories. 

We drove to the shore and the Oregon State Parks recently. It was beautiful! Seeing the Tillamook  Lighthouse is now crossed off my travel list. It was a glorious, bright sunny day. It was warm, which if you know much of the Oregon Coast is a rare and glorious commodity. I was reminded of the dear adventures that we shared with friends in Brooklyn--into the city and to the beach.
Last year, or was it the year before, Shawna and Joey and you kidlets and I went to the beach almost every week. It was a twenty minute drive. It was always very warm and the water was slightly cooler than the heat of the city--so it felt heavenly.  There were crabs in the rocks for us to search for and find and we usually found some within the first few minutes we were there.
This time, Erika, my friend held you, K and watched you, R, S, and T and her kidlets A and B while I ran out into the water--the only one clad in the normal swim suit while everyone else in the water wore the sensible wet or dry suits. I was in there five minutes, each moment I was breathing deeply thinking, "Brooklyn was so nice. I miss sitting in the warm water bobbing up and down with the waves and chatting with Shawna while I watch my kids play." I had to mentally put those thoughts out of my head with more comforting thoughts like, "I used to play in this freezing water for around an hour or two when I was a kid, I have more padding now, of course I can do this!"  Well, it worked until my five minutes was up, then I tried to look casual as I nearly skipped  out of the water thinking very warm thoughts and onto the dry, warm--but not hot--sand.
This is how it felt in the water What an amazing photo!

Later my friend and I were talking and she said the beach was not what she expected.  Another girl near us, that has lived here longer, laughed and said, "That's why we call it the coast, not the beach, because it is cold."  
 On our way home we stopped at a restaurant called Burgerville.  We got their very tasty onion rings and blackberry milk shake (which I have not stopped craving). It is a little more upscale than McDonalds, in that they they bring you your meal, but you order at the counter.  I did not leave a tip.  I can almost hear an audible gasp from any New Yorker reading this, and honestly, I did have a little guilt, but the people I was with said not to worry about it.     It felt strange, but as you know tipping is one of my pet peeves so I the feeling did not last long.


On Friday we went to OMSI, or the Oregon Museum of Science Institute. It was really fun. They had places for you to do experiments almost every where.  A.W. (pictured above) was able secure tickets for a large group of us and so several moms and even a dad and a grandpa were able to come.  It was amazing! 

Thank you, AW!

T, you and B had a great time playing "connect 4" with the robots.
K, you thought the whole thing, and all the people that smiled at you for extended periods of time,especially Erika, were utterly delightful!
They had a room completely dedicated to balls and tubes--so you could build contraptions that had balls going all over the place (including above people in the other room).

They had an earthquake simulation room.  And a place to try to fly your own airplanes or float boats. 

 Can you see yourselves and your friends in this picture?

It was so fun, we definitely want to go again!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I Got In!

We went on vacation, more on that later, and I did not hear from the PS Choir.  I rethought my audition and realized several places that I really could have been better.  I have not auditioned for anything since 2004--the NYC Temple Dedication Choir in NJ.  I thought they said they would let me know earlier this week.  No answer came.  So I thought that I did not get in and maybe I should consider spending my time elsewhere and sort of kicking myself for the errors and then telling myself that if I did not get in, then it was not meant to be.  I was mindfully thinking of what I would write to you about not getting what you thought you wanted.  

Then Sunday, I got the email that I needed to be at the rehearsals very soon.  And now, do I really want to do this?  I will be doing requiems and hopefully singing with an orchestra (which I love).  I know this will challenge my knowledge and voice, as well as increase my musical abilities, which I also love. It will show you that I enjoy learning and challenging myself. But I cannot help feeling that I need to begin to grow my talents in another area that has been on my mind for a long time, but which requires tender and careful cultivation.  There is also the option of auditioning and joining another choir that may or may not do music that I find utterly enjoyable, but would not challenge me in the same aspects, but that will take substantially  less practice time and is located much closer and may have members of my current ward in it, and that focuses a bit more on service than intricate melodies. 

I must tell you that I am dearly grateful for your Daddy.  He is emphatic that I get an opportunity to stretch my talents and he wants to support me in what I want to do.  I hope you can find some one that you'll love and adore, who will support you and whom you will support.  Daddy is very good at cherishing me and making me feel like I am loved. I think I am pretty good at making him feel that way too!  He says that I supported him for those ten years when he was on call and it didn't seem like I could get out long enough to do those things, that now that we can I should do it!!

I went to the rehearsal and the first person I met was my mentor, right after I got out of the car (which is saying something, because the choir has over 160 people).  When we began singing, the harmonies soon began their soul hugging, nice to hear you again familiarity. The director said that if we let it, this requiem could change our lives.  It is a war requiem and in the first moments of the piece you can feel the drums of war pounding and other emotions come out of the piece later on.  It is amazing to hear and I'm excited to sing it with an orchestra.

I hope that you will love music, that it will touch your soul and that it will bring it closer to God. :) Music has done that for me time and time again.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Aunt L's Wedding Day

After driving all night, getting picked up for speeding and getting off barely (we feel it was because of our love of Oregon and the way it smells), we barely arrived in time for the wedding.  You were watched by one of Grammer's neighbors and you loved it! She was very nice!
Grammers made sure that all the little girls had gorgeous pink dresses (which you of course loved). They had ample lace and you got to wear a crown.  You loved seeing J and you hardly left her side the whole time, S!
Daddy looks so handsome, especially with you, Baby K. While at the temple, you stayed with cousin Kendi.  You loved her!

The glorious grandma greats!

Aunt L and Uncle D were so happy, they were absolutely beaming. The ceremony was beautiful. The theme of the reception was, I think, a fairy tale wedding. It was beautiful and so fun!

There was an ice cream bar and everything else was pink and beautiful.

Your new Uncle D with his mom. She looks so proud!! Don't they have great smiles?!

Uncle J took amazing photos!  He and Aunt K took photos.  

Aw, look at Grammers and Grampa--they're smooching.

I love that you each have goals to be married in the temple!  I cannot think of any greater gift than to be with those you love forever.  Aren't we blessed?!  I hope you can find someone with whom you can laugh and feel like your best self.  This makes me so happy for Daddy!  He is the best for me! :D

You loved dancing!  You made it so fun! 

Aunt L and Uncle D looks so happy together. Their smiles did not come off all night long and they laughed and laughed together.  They are excellent dancers.
We look pretty good after driving all night the night before.