Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wilson Park Pool

Portland has this amazing pool with a water slide, pool accessories for all, a "river," a wading pool, and a lap pool. It was perfect for you kidlets because you could each go to the place that you wanted, only thing was it was really crowded and I'll be honest, keeping an eye on each of you was a challenge and secretly I was praying very hard for your safety the entire time we were there. 
B (5) had a new pair of goggles that he didn't want to take off for anything--even when they got foggy. I loved his desire to keep them on and presuming that someone was doing it to tease him, until condensation was explained to him and that it was his face moisture that was doing the foggy work.
Can you spy A (7) on the pool accessory? (Hint: he is gliding about on something yellow). 
It made me smile to see you playing together in the "river" S and R.  At one point S, you couldn't get out of the mini whirl pool and R, you came and pulled S out after she called out that she wanted me to come help her.  R, I loved that you wanted to take time with your siblings even though your favorite thing there was the water slide and that you protected my camera from any pool wetness by helping S. Thank you!
This photo made me laugh because of the people that are not really the focus of the shot staring at the camera lens. We do not know the people actually looking at the camera.  I hope they are well and had a nice day.
K, you smiled a lot at me--which I love, love, love!!  Then you slept.  I love kissing your adorable cherub cheeks! You and I stayed in the dry shade keeping an eye out for your siblings.
A lost his front teeth (prior to the pool outing--of course) and has a fabulous smile!  What cute dimples!
When everyone got out you were beyond simple hunger! It was pool-induced starvation!  We had some food for the ride home.  You adore your new friends.  A's favorite toy is Legos just like you, R.  Every time they come over, even if it is just to go someplace with us you both seem to disappear upstairs to show off your newest creations.
Erika B. the pool play date organizer!  Thank you very much, Erika!
T, you liked going on the frog on your tummy with your feet first. T, you loved the green frog slide, though it took you a few minutes to warm up to it. You also loved the pool accessories and glided around the wading pool on them. 
Another successful frog run by the professional "frogger" T!  
We met some of our other new friends there too! But I didn't pull out my camera until right before we left. We were the first ones there and the last to leave from the group of us that were meeting there.  
S, you kept the skirt on the whole time, for the sake of modesty!  I love you, my little princess.
Isn't it nice that we can just go hop in our car, right next to our house, not search for it for up to a half hour, and drive places?  I love that! I also love that there is room for our friends to park right next to our house too, if we decide to carpool.  

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