Tuesday, July 23, 2013

To K:

Oh dear cuddleable youngest:
Most baby photo ops are done with the baby all snuggled and warm, but I wanted to see you flail your dear arms and legs about and I wanted to show you the beautiful dress that your namesake (your first name-sake) wore when she was a baby, sewn by hand by your great-grandmother.
You are two months old and I am trying to figure out how these last two months have flown by. You are so dear to me.  
You had a severe case of cradle cap.  It was even in your eyebrows.  It got to a point where anytime R, S or T held you they wanted to scrape it off for you.  Today I put olive oil in your hair for a few hours to loosen it up.  It didn't seem to be working so I put triple antibiotic ointment cream in (I read about it on the internet), the combination seemed to help and I was able to carefully comb it out. It took awhile and when T kissed you tonight he was pleased to see that it was all gone.  T kept calling it "cradle crap." You have some cute neck folds that are rank, but I clean them daily.  
You smiled at me about ten times today in three different sittings (a new record). I love our conversations.  I have discovered that you use the sort-of word "Ga" when you are happy and "Maa" and "Waaaa" when you are sad.  I am trying to treasure every moment we have together.
We don't have a stroller for you yet, so I have been carrying you in my ergo carrier.  I love having you near me and the moment you are in it you go right to sleep so I figure it is a win-win situation for all of us. You dislike the car seat most of the time.
I love those blue eyes!  Do you see the loving needlework?  You are loved by generations before you.

The other day I was taking some photos of you and when we came inside you cried, I think because you wanted to be outside. You love gazing out of the windows.
Another day I ran to the store with S and when I came back I could hear you crying. Daddy said you had been crying for 15-30 minutes, I had been gone over an hour.  When you heard my voice you immediately quieted down. 
I love your mmmms when I feed you. I love counting your toes. I love your expressions. You love to wave your arms. I love lightly pinching your sweet baby arms and legs and tickling your tummy. I love that sweet little cowlick in your hair on the back of your head.
R and S love to hold you!  S is super great in the mornings and is usually the one to get you up.  She dances with you around the house.  People are always slightly shocked and want to reach out to help her hold you when they see you in her arms.
 R holds you in the afternoon and at night.  You are very soothed by him and often fall asleep in his arms.  T, begs to hold you every day. He'll hold you for a minute or two then ask if he can carry you around. We tell him not yet.
You've got a case of colic. Every night from about six on, you want us to hold you, walking around.  You and R were the only ones needing that.  You like to sit and listen to me sing.  Tonight I sang to you for forty-five minutes before you nodded off. 

I am so glad we have you. This family needs you! I love you!



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  1. Baby K is so beautiful, I love all the pictures that you took, they are very professional. Take care, say hi for me to s,r and t !