Monday, July 15, 2013

Tithing and a Sunday Afternoon in Oregon

At church we had a lesson on tithing.  I had to skip out half way through to feed you, K.  But Daddy got to stay all the way through his lesson.  Tithing is an amazing thing! We willingly give 1/10th of our increase (income) to the Lord.  The Church uses it in many ways, including the building of temples and aiding those in need all over the world.  
Dad told you the story of Lorenzo Snow and the people of St. George. The people of St. George were having a horrible drought that threatened starvation and the church was suffering from immense poverty.  As President Snow spoke to the people he was inspired to tell the people to pay their tithing.  They paid their tithing and soon it rained and there was rain and the drought was over.
When Daddy finished telling you the story, T, you asked innocently, "So if we pay our tithing, it will rain?"  
You made us all laugh.  
Then Daddy made us laugh even more when he pretended to sheild himself from the rain after pretending to give the bishop the tithing.
One of our favorite things that we do as a family is laugh!  :)

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