Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our First Oregon Play Date

The photos you are about to see have very little to do with the post--they are just to show you that we're well and having a great time.  The bubbles are from the dollar store and have some serious fumes so we would suggest playing with them outside.  The photo shoot was on our porch.

Some dear friends, the Bushmans, saved us yesterday.  Our car battery was out and Erika and Ben (Ben took time off work--thank you so much!!) came to the rescue and charged the battery.  We've only had the car for a week and were surprised that a little light would drain it. We had the same make/model of car in Brooklyn (only a few years older) and they battery would not go out when the lights were left on inside, so we were completely shocked. It happened when we really had to be somewhere too.

After they charged our car and you, S and T insisted on riding in their car, the same make/model as ours,  we drove to a play fountain area where we met with another mom from our ward with again the same make/model of car we have.  It felt like we were all apart of the Toyota brigade. 

At the fountains you could all jump and play in the water with your new friends, in Wilsonville.  We parked nearby and you had a blast splashing and playing with the water guns that Erika brought.  

As the mothers and I talked I had the feeling that this is where we need to be right now and that gave me a grateful, peaceful feeling.  I love feeling that the Lord is aware of us and loves us and showed us that love through the people we met.

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  1. I'm glad you are happy there in Oregon (because you totally should be!), but man, this post makes me MISS YOU!