Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Once Again Amazed

K, you consciously smiled at Daddy today.  He was brimming with pride and joy. We are so glad we have you! We love that you can roll onto your tummy when searching for food and that you seem to handle five people giving you loving snuggles and kisses almost all at the same time, exceedingly well!

The people of Oregon are amazing and so kind!

We went to Fred Meyer today and literally every ten feet I had people stare at you, K and say, "Oh, isn't she sweet!" 

In fact, at one point a man, who was following his wife, stopped short at the isle we had just started down and said, "I can't come right now! I am looking at a gorgeous baby."  Apparently my New York paranoia (okay, it probably has little to do with New York), and I let your tender voices that had been admonishing me in no small length of time (we're talking around 5 hours, twisty roads, 2+ public bathroom breaks and a diaper blow out) that you would like to return to our abode. I couldn't bring myself to look up and acknowledge such a kind compliment. (Sorry, sir. Your kind comment meant a lot to me). 

As we were checking out the cashier was very sweet.  She talked with me and made me feel like the most important customer at the store and like every other person you kidlets meet, she found out we had just moved here and that you, K are a month old. As we were getting ready to leave she looked me square in the eye and said, like she really meant it, "It's good to meet you. I hope to see you here again." 

I was slightly taken aback.  "Oh, thank you! It's good to meet you (I glanced down at her name tag), Joni!"

I just can't seem to get over it.  The New Yorker in me still asks in a shocked tone of voice, "Are you for real?" and even that NY part of me has to smile and say, "Oh yes. Yes Oregonian kindness is real! I must be near heaven."

Daddy also says to comment that you are getting to be excellent bargainers.  For example two seconds ago I told you to go hop in the tub because bedtime was in five minutes. S, you came to me and said, "Thirty minutes." "Okay, ten minutes," I said. "Please twenty minutes? (pause) Twenty minutes. Twenty minutes!"  By the third twenty minutes I had phased out to the blog. "Okay," Daddy said. Something quite similar to this happens every few minutes in or house.

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