Friday, July 5, 2013

Intro to the House, the deciding photos.

Photos were taken by the Mainlander photographer. My own photos coming soon, but just to show you what made us decide we really wanted this place!  The people at Mainlander were so nice and it was great to work with them!  Thanks Mainlander people.

This room would be the living room, but since we are hoping to live in this house for only six months before we find our own, it will be left clear, like this (unless I find a piece that absolutely speaks to my soul).  I will call it the concert room. My hope is that it will have that empty room echo, like a concert hall and that my children will relish practicing in there because it will feel more concert-y.

Truth be told, I adore places that echo.  At night, after the library was closed at BYU-I and I worked there, I would often walk up the stairs and sing at the top of my lungs just so I could hear the glorious echo.  It must have been annoying to the listeners (sometimes I got really funny looks by innocent stair-goers), but I loved it.  Those stairs have awesome acoustics.

I am not sure who's great idea it was to put the stove top in the island, it looks like a great opportunity for the family not to gather together to talk, more like an opportunity for the kids to say, "I did my homework teacher, but the stove burned it after a window opened and blew it onto the stove top where my mother was making the best clam chowder" (recipe yet to be discovered). Other than that and the tile with dark grout, I love it.  It looks like it is inviting colorful dishes to peek through those cute little windowed cupboards and a computer place where I can keep my favorite recipes.

I love the clear counter tops, it gives one such a feeling of cleanliness.  And do you see that, the fridge has an ice and cold water dispenser, there is a pantry and a dishwasher. I feel sort of like a glutton because we haven't had all these glorious amenities.

What am I going to put in that little space above where I am going to keep the laptop I am using now?  Not sure, but I hope it is something beautiful!

That fireplace is the same one that is in the concert room, it's two sided.  I think this room calls for a warm area rug with a nice setting of a couple of couches and a chair.

We'll have a computer desk there too. We use our computer as a television and I want the computer desk to look classy, but is there a way to make computer desks to look classy?  Pinterest will be my ally in creating a clutter-free, classy desk space.

I think this the .5 bathroom.  Isn't it cute?  I think it may need a cute warm wreath or something in there.

A laundry room!!!  Eek, I cannot tell you how excited I am about this!  I feel like I've gone to Heaven.  I have always dreamed about having my own laundry room.  We may or may not have skipped doing laundry in Brooklyn so we could do it in our laundry room when we got there.
Don't you love all the windows and all the light?!   It is so nice because we don't have to have the lights on during the day, even if it is cloudy because there is so much light flooding in. The hallway is the balcony to the concert room.  Yay!

This is the master bedroom. I think the windows look very master bedroom-ish, don't you think.
That door reflected in the main mirror is the toilet room. Next to that is the dressing room/walk-in closet and it is fabulous. Honestly, it is the only room in the house at this point that has no echo and one can not hear everything else that is happening in the house.
Double sinks--that means two people can get ready for bed at the same time.
This is the jetted-tub. Jetted tubs a.k.a. mini hot tubs that you can drain, clean easier, and not have to add chlorine.
R & T's room.  It is the bigger bedroom of the kidlets.  Their closet is about three feet bigger than S and K's.  
This is S and K's room. At this moment it is the cleanest room in the house.
This is the family bathroom or the kid's bathroom.
Check out this deck.  We are going to have a deck. I feel like an adult.  Who knew I would ever have a deck? Now if I can keep it looking as freshly swept.
This is the side yard. Look at that cute picket fence.

That little rock area looks like a walkway to me, but that big mound of rocks is the beginning of a rolling fountain.  Wow! Now if we can figure out how to turn it on then we could have people over with an adorable brooklet running down the hill by the house.
When you saw this, S, you were beyond thrilled. Roses!
And a side view of the lovely place.  Soooo excited.
It is a little hard to pull out of the garage.  The street is nice and quiet.  We feel so blessed to live here!

We have very little furniture and yet we've managed to make a mess.   I have done about twenty loads of laundry (love having the washer and dryer and laundry room).  We just love this place.  We've seen a lot of spiders, but have put out spider traps and will be spraying one of the days that we will be out for the day.

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