Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy letters and the Pioneers

You all got letters from your dear friends, Garrett and Caleb.  You were so excited to get the letters!  You opened them right up the moment you saw them, taking a teeny moment to enjoy the pixar stamps and happy writing on the envelope.  Oohs and Ahs erupted from you as you studied the beautiful cards.
T, you said, "I miss our friends."  

Thank you Lindsay, Garrett and Caleb!
 Tuesday we went grocery shopping Brooklyn style, thanks to a van outage (refer to the gripe below) which made me remember Brooklyn and the memories we made there.  I saw four other people on the sidewalks on our way to and from the grocery store and, at your insistence, the dollar store. 

You were all dearies, but please, let us work on listening and obeying in the stores.  The isles of any store are not made for hide-and-seek and I did get a look from a discomforted person in one of the stores. We will be working extensively on this and I will be rediscovering the art of keeping children occupied in the store.\

You are loving the house. I mean really loving it. At least once a day one of you comes to me and says, "Mom aren't you glad we live here?!"  I am filled with gratitude for our lovely rental home and am trying not to fall in absolute love with it because it is important that we find our own house that I am going to throw my soul into. On the plus side, not personalizing the house has kept it looking cleaner.  That's nice and it kind of makes me like it more.  I needed a light place where I feel like me and like I can put things away and it will feel clear and clean.  And there are no mice or cockroaches and that makes me very happy!!!

On Sunday, because the van was out of commission, Daddy walked to church and you, R and T walked home with him the nearly two miles.  Daddy talked to you about being pioneers.

T, you told me, "Mom, I don't want to be a pioneer!"  Too late bud! I think you are bound to be a pioneer of your own sort--which is a wonderfully awesome thing!

Then when I was lying by you right before you went to sleep you told me your second favorite song was "Pioneer Children." Then you made me sing "Here Comes the Oxcart" five times.  I love you!

A moment to gripe. It is almost laughable, but our new to us/used van has proven to need a new battery $100, the airbags alert light came on the moment we drove off the lot, we have one key (the last owner lost the other one and we've yet to receive a new one--replacement probably around $600), the automatic side door stopped working a week after we got it, and the speedometer is off by a few miles.  It reminds me of Matilda and the part where the Dad tells his son how to "fix" cars, ( -- go to 2:45 minutes in to see the part I'm talking about) and I begin to wonder if our minivan has been "fixed" in such a way.  We won an IPad (as what we think is a consolation prize and I would be lying to say that I didn't love it and have wanted one since I saw Ben Stiller filming with one) and that it nice, but I would really like the things on my van to work and to have a second key (especially considering my record with keys).  Now, if I were a pioneer, I would smirk at what the me of now wrote and probably think, "Oh you poor soul. Please, cry me a river. A thousand miles in air conditioned comfort would have been nice." Okay, thanks, gripe over.

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